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Our Projects 

Grupo Ecomunitario collaborates with a number of diverse citizens and experts in ecology, landscape design, urban forestry, gardening, and education to better understand the local biodiversity and advocate for its conservation. While we work on many fronts at both the neighborhood and district level, three major action areas are the following:

Community Outreach &
Citizen Science

With more active and informed citizens, the large information gap about Bogotá’s biodiversity can be filled through citizen science, as well as pressure the development of policies that recognize and incorporate the various added values of an integrated management of urban ecology.

Integrated Pest Management

When we began getting to know the biodiversity of the Gran Chicó, we also became alarmed at the number of different pesticides used in the area’s greenspaces by both public entities and private contractors. Indeed, the indiscriminate use of pesticides by various actors is one of the most important, but least known and discussed pressures on the urban biodiversity of Bogotá.

The Gran Chicó as an
Outdoor Classroom

The Gran Chicó is rapidly becoming recognized not only as a hotspot of urban biodiversity, but also as an ideal classroom for professors, students and others interested in the challenges and opportunities for conserving the biodiversity of this rapidly urbanizing sector of the city, which still contains a great variety of public and private greenspaces.

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